Besides their interest as fluorine resources ((CaF2 fluorite, Na3AlF6 cryolithe...) or as rare earth ores (LnCO3F bastnaësite ...), inorganic fluorides play a determinant role in numerous preparations or industrial processes (UF6 for isotope separation, fluoride melts in aluminium electrolysis...). In the glass state, they are involved in optics and information (fibers, plane wave guides). In mixed anion salts (sulfides, phosphates...), they give pigments or absorbing compounds ... In the gaseous state, they are CVD precursors; in solutions, etching agents.

Structure de NaPbCr2F9

Structure of NaPbCr2F9

The study of their chemical (acid-base), electrochemical, optical, magnetic, catalytic properties, constitute the preliminary way starting from a fundamental point and ending to the applications. All of the preceding domains are investigated.

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