Organic Synthesis - French Fluorine Laboratories network

  • Introduction of fluorine atoms on organic substrates (with F2, HF, inorganic or organic fluorides, electrophilic fluorinating reagents,...), 18F labelling of bio-active substrates with 18F- or 18F2,
  • Introduction of polyfluorinated substituents (CF3, CHF2, OCF3, S(O)nCF3, CF3CO, CnF2n+1,...) on an organic substrate,
  • Functionalisation and chemical modification of fluorinated organic compounds,
  • Elaboration of fluorinated “building-blocks”,
  • Design of biologically active compounds,
  • Monomer synthesis and polymerisation, Synthesis of material precursors,
  • Design and use of fluoride catalysts,
  • Use of fluorinated reaction media (trifluoroacetic acid, triflic acid, hydrophobic and organophobic fluorinated solvents).

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